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Stone on Our Lot

Granite, Quartz and Marble

Granite and Marble are natural stone that is cut from the quarries of the earth.  Our stone comes from all over the world. Granite and marble are both porous and need to breathe. 

They need to be sealed and have their own qualities. Granite has a lot of motion and color variance while marble is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. 

Quartz is an engineered stone that is made from crushed quartz and designed.

Usually quartz is is designed as a very quiet color or movement that is very modern, to very bold and elegant.

Quartz are not porous and are very hard.

Diano Real Marble.jpg
Diano Real Italian Marble
Shadow Storm Marble.jpg
Shadow Storm Caramel Marble
Fantasy Brown Marble.jpg
Fantasy Brown
Crema Bordeaux.jpg
Crema Bordeaux Granite

See Our Galaxy of Stone





African Rainbow.jpg

African Rainbow

Moon White.jpg

Moon White

Colonial White

White Structure
Black Marinaco Close up

black marinace exotic GRANITE

Silver Cloud.jpg

silver cloud GRANITE

Carrara Quartzite.jpg

dumont leathered quartzite

alpinus granite


black marquina marble

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