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Marble is a metamorphic stone that is sophisticated and elegant.  Used by every culture through the ages to denote status and bring beauty to any structure.


Marble is a stunning igneous stone that has inspired great art masters and royalty for ages. 

It is a delicate stone that does require more care.  It is one of the few stones that are antimicrobial and antibacterial.  It is more heat resistant and will not yellow due to the heat.

Marble can scratch, chip or crack if not properly maintained.  It should be sealed religiously every 3 months.

If one is willing to give marble the care it requires, they will have a gorgeous show stopping stone in their home for a very long time.

This is just a few of our beautiful selections. Come in and see them today!

shadow storm with caramel

Shadow storm marble is a white marble that has a gossamer quality that makes this marble special. This particular shadow storm has caramel swirles throughout that makes it unique to the shadow storm marble family. It's truly magnificent. 


frost white 

This gorgeous creamy white marble with grey vertical lines is a very sophisticated marble that will bring the class level up in any home. 

diano real italiano 

This beautiful brown and tan marble with inclusions of creams and whites has a fluidity of movement that will feel like being at the ocean every time you look at it.  It's silky smooth texture will be a sensory joy every time you touch it.  This marble is reminiscent to the marble in the king's palaces of Europe.

Fantasy Brown Marble.jpg

fantasy brown

This flowing, curling marble is full of mochachino, greys, whites and beiges with hints of a cool sage.  This is a classic that will match any palette.  Whether your base color is greys and whites or browns and whites, this delectable combination marble will match it. This marble will rock your kitchen. 

nero black marquina

This lovely black marble with white veins is stunning in any home. The finish on this is leathered which is a smooth matte finish. This stone should patina nicely as it matures in you home.

This dark beauty could be the center focus of your kitchen bathroom or tabletop.


white cloud remnant

Looking at this marble is like seeing poetry and sheet music. The delicate veining in this marble leaves the overall look a warm grey.  It is muted light energy and creates an elegance in any home. Whether you are wanting a modern or classic look. Prepare to fall in love with this marble.

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